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Cait Stevens

About Me

  • Name: Caitlyn Stevens
  • Date of birth: 14 Feb 1992
  • Address: Newport Beach, California
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Phone: (949) 432-2671
  • Email:

My Objective

I’m an innovative dreamer, lover of all things technology or user, and generator of wild ideas and delightful interactions. I’m a recently graduated multidisciplinary designer, with skills in user experience, product design, systems thinking, front-end web development, trend analysis, and a heavy dabbler in the coding arts.
Since graduating, I have been working with a UX team at Ingram Micro in Irvine, California. In this internship, I play a valuable role within a team of creatives, developers, and Business Intelligence predictive analysts, programs, consultants, and pricing team members. I work on projects with a on-shore and off-shore team, designing B2B programs for businesses for a company with global reach.

What I Do

My hats include material exploring product designer, user experience planner, researcher, marketer, and strategist. The result? A unique blend of far-fetched dreaming and logical execution in all things design. Nothing thrills me more than the challenge of resolving complex problems or exploring the possibilities of technology, experience and product.

All that said - I am a bubbly, optimistic socialite, who hopes to continue to develop my ability to speak developer, designer, engineer, and marketer to communicate cool ideas.

My main skills include:

  • Product Design
  • UX & UI
  • Design Strategy
  • Research, Insight, Innovation
  • Trend Analysis
  • User & Market Research
  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Project planning, strategy & implimentation



  • 2017

    UX Production Designer

    Adecco @ Google

    Contract role as a UX production designer on an internal application for outbound mail campaigns. Responsibilities include executing and maintaining design prototypes for user testing and development. This ranges from building pages following the material design component spec in html and javascript, to assisting in the development of user tests and deriving insight to developing excellent products for many Google products to use.

  • 2016

    Junior UI/UX Designer

    Ingram Micro, Irvine

    Responsible for building and assisting in user-centered designs with best practice philosophies, developing home-grown products and platforms that are being created in our fast-paced environment. In the Business Intelligence department,I got to work in an analytically driven setting, providing strategic and aesthetic insight to problem solve and develop new products and programs. This included: Supporting and executing user interaction through visual design to drive audience engagement and conversion goals. Researching design trends in technology, user interface design, and web marketing to stay ahead of the curve. Assisting internal validations and user testing sessions. Wire-framing and design mockups, user journey development through workflows, and white-boarding sessions and paper interaction exploration to develop the optimal customer journey. The work I did manifested as revitalized digital assets, dashboards in programs both internally built, and in Microstrategy, interface development for web and email campaigns, and performing actionable critiques and improvements to teammates in Chennai.

  • 2016

    Exhibitioning Designer

    Daniels Spectrum, Toronto ON

    The exhibition "Where are you REALLY from?" Curated by Jenny Chen, ran from March till mid April in 2016.

    The exhbition featured artists exploring the value and complexities of diversity in a community built by a cultural mosaic of people. My piece is a cotton silk-screen banner, designed in Adobe Illustrator in 2013, and explores the structure and color a community of people consists of.
    The banner was used as the exhibition's visual branding for posters, social media pages, and exhibition page on the gallery website.

  • 2014

    Design Intern

    MIKA Audio, Toronto ON

    MIKA audio is a small startup based out of "Project Rhino", a coworking space that is full of innovation and development of other small businesses. I acted as the only current designer, providing assistance with market research, interaction design, product and interface design ideations using Rhino and Keyshot, and web, logo and application prototyping on Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. In addition to this, I participated in social events, marketing the product and some experience in interacting with the innovative community Toronto thrives in.

  • 2011

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Sun Signs, Stratford ON

    I spent my final highschool semester as a part-time coop student, where I edited client projects in Corel Draw, and exported vinyl cutting specifications for print. I got to do some graphic design work for client projects like event banners, vehicle decals, window signage and wall decoration, and designed and printed personal project for their social space. On top of that, I participated in team discussion for projects, provided design aesthetic input and conducted some research to understand customer needs, and graphic design aesthetic past and future

  • 2011

    Film Assistant & Editor

    Rogers TV, Stratford ON

    Simultaneously, I participated in part-time co-op student work for the local TV station. I operated video and audio equipment for interview shots, interviewed subjects by following director guidance, and wrote some questions that provided stable conversational flow and informative answers about local events. After shot, I edited interviews in AVID editor by selecting ideal scenes, maintaining seamless flow of visual narrative and used Rogers templates for visual brand language


  • 2011 - 2016

    Bachelor degree

    BDES(Hons) in Industrial Design, OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario

    Earned the Edward David Aziz Award of Innovative Excellence in Industrial Design at OCADU's 101st Graduate Exhibition.
    Conducted many research projects for product design, exploring consumer and market research, trend watching, value proposition modeling, user testing, and prototype making.
    The most recent work of mine is research heavy, and focused on user experience above all else, be it for a website, a mobile application or in the design of product and service platform.

  • 2006 - 2011

    St.Michaels C.S.S.

    Specialist Highskills Major - Design, Stratford, Ontario

    I completed my diploma with honours, spending an extra semester in a co-op program exploring local designers and television directors


Adobe CC Suite


CAD/3D Modelling


Web Development


User Experience


Design Strategy


Trend Analysis


More skills

Research and Conceptualization
Usability Testing
Brand Marketing
Collaboration and Mentorship



Totem Thesis




Photograph for Blind






Cleek Upcycling


Arthritis Brush


Pixel Reader


NASA Asteroid API


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